Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm still here!!

I am so sorry...I have been really busy with side projects for work and by the time the little one gets into bed, I am too exhausted to be creative. Therefore, this post is over 2 weeks late and I have about a million other idea's that I'd like to post about. For now, this will have to tide you over. ;-)

About 2 weeks ago, the family took a little trip downtown to check out the Missouri River, and see how much the river has risen so far.

First, we had dinner at Rick's Boat Yard, which sits right off the river. It was an amazing view, and little missy had a blast. Here she sits with my mom and entertains everyone sitting around us.

Here I am, with the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge in the background.

Little miss Isla in her stroller by the river.

The Mighty Mo!!

This water was moving SO FAST!! I have never seen anything like it.
View from Lewis & Clark landing on the Nebraska side, looking north.
I have a billion other pictures, and more recent ones to add...stay tuned! I promise it won't be another 2+ weeks before I post again. PROMISE!!!!!

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